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JSC STIKMETA – a fast growing company of Aukštaitija region, specialized in projecting, production and assembling of different frameless toughened glass, aluminum and metallic constructions. We offer to our clients modern and up-to-date products for a very attractive price.

Our company began designing and assembling a frameless toughened glass doors, partitions, shop windows in Lithuania in 2005 using frameless toughened glass constructions furnished by German company DORMA and Italian company CASMA.

In 2006 JSC STIKMETA was awarded a diploma as one of the best young companies in Panevėžys county.

An increasing boom of building, new projects and ideas, new perspectives, subtle taste and high requirements were determinant for JSC STIKMETA that at the end of 2006 began to project, produce and assemble aluminum constructions and products from stainless steel.

We co-operate with architects and constructing companies, designers whom we supply with high level products and solutions. A unfading glass and metal attractiveness and wide possibilities of their application distinguish these materials from the colorful palette of building products.

Glass and metal are unforgettable by architects, interior designers and engineers and in the past years these supplies have abandoned the thresholds of simple assembling equipment, becoming versatile materials that influence the art of construction. This fact is perfectly proved by building projects and building interiors of the last years. Transparent glass and metallic constructions become an integral part of modern architecture, consequently glass and metal are everywhere – in exteriors, interiors, façades, stairs, floor.

Our specialists consult, design, produce and assemble glass, aluminum and metallic constructions in every part of our country and outside it’s borders. We produce facades from frameless glass, shop windows, frameless swing and sliding glass doors, glass panels, glass roofs, glass stairs and floors, glass handrails, glass shower cabins, aluminum facades, doors, windows, balcony glazing constructions as well as stainless and galvanized steel handrails.

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Smelynės str. 179, Senamiesčio km.,
Panevėžio r., 38410
Company code.: 300141089
VAT: LT 100001875011

Rimas Bakanauskas
Ph. : +370 687 52184

Project Manager:
Kastytis Kavaliauskas
Ph. : +370 687 81397
JSC "Stikmeta and partners"
Smelynės str. 179, Senamiesčio km.,
Panevėžio r., 38410
Company code.: 300664926
VAT: LT 100003076312

Mindaugas Zaura:
Ph. : +370 656 66607

Project Manager:
Aurimas Plesnevičius
Ph. : +370 699 60069