Frameless glass constructions can be used not only inside. Using a dotted glass mounting elements original building facades or their sections in glass can be created. Using this technology an remarkable external look of the building can be formed – no frames or other constructions are visible – only glass.
In this case only the tempered glass is used or glasspacks produced from glass sheets of different types. Glass is fixed to the columns, overlays or to specially equipped metal rods of the building with the help of particular elements. This kind of glass façade does not have any own frame. Joints between glasses are sealed with the help of particular sealants. Recommended size of glass is about 2 square meters, but in case of necessity the frameless packs can be much bigger.
In buildings or in some parts of the building, where the thermal resistance is not important, a single-glass frameless facades can be assembled in order to save the expenses. A single-glass frameless facades perform perfectly the role of a secondary facade: they provide an excellent appearance for a reasonable price, highly reduce the noise coming from outside, improve the microclimate of the building. The secondary facade creates the greenhouse effect in winter and, in addition, heats the structure. In summer the chimney effect is created and walls of the building are aerated.