Frameless glass partitions are a perfect combination of application of modern technologies, of aesthetics and original architectural solutions that give an unlimited possibilities for functional results for house interiors. Glass is an evergreen and easy adaptable element of interiors. Glass partitions give to location a certain solidity, lightness, elegancy, they permit to originally change the place layout, optically enlarge the space, delete the boundaries, do not destroy the integrity of the surroundings.
The frameless glass panels are being assembled either in public premises such as offices, bars, shopping centres, either in interiors of residential homes. Modern technologies permit to adapt the glass panels to a variety of spaces. Partitions can be made from tempered, transparent or tanned and mat glass applying the most suitable modern design curves and holders. Decoration of glass and colours of supply are chosen individually, following the particular details of each interior.
The frameless windowcases are produced from tempered glass sheets 10-12 mm thick. These are fixed in the top and on the bottom. Holes of 2-3 mm between glass sheets can be filled with transparent silicone. Silicone helps not only to seal but to stick the glass sheets together so that the construction becomes an entire wall of glass. The joints are almost invisible if to look from a distance. In any point of such panel a door of requested size can be designed.
Frameless windowcases can be assembled in residential houses as well, but these mostly suite to shops as let to expose the goods, especially of the big sizes, better.